Appointment System - Timely Review

I was super excited to stumble a cross Timely many years ago. The business I was consulting for already had a booking system, but the company closed, so we were thrown into a whirlwind search to find out next best booking appointment system.

I came across a relative unknown business, there basic offer was pretty good and they seem to provide good support which was great to know. Sticking with Timely over the years proved to pay off as their services have grown and their offering is now outstanding.

Let me take you through the best things about Timely.

Easily Integrates into your Website

Super easy to add to your website in a few simple clicks. You can customise your booking window or buttons as you like.

Basic Roster Management

Timely ability to roster staff is fantastic as the bookings fit directly into your employees roster calendar. You have the ability to block of days due to holidays or time off. If you have regular standard shifts it is super simple to use.

However, If you Employees chop and change their times a lot, using this rostering system may prove a little tedious.

Easy to Set Up Services

Create your services and add ons as you need.

Simple Marketing & Customer Service

Forget about staying on top of your clients, Timely will do it all for you. You can set up reminder notifications, follow up emails, ask for reviews and more.

Client Management

Love this feature. You can manage a lot of your clients details all within Timely, from communicating with clients, consultation forms and details notes on what service outcome was provided. This feature will save you time and will keep you paperless.

Online Gift Vouchers & Product Sales

Timely does it all. You can sell products, sell gift vouchers and manage these all through the one system.

Payment Gateways

Takes Paypal, Stripe & Eway

Integrates with Xero & MYOB

Really good feature which will help you with staying on top of your bookkeeping and financials. Highly recommend this feature.

New Feature : Timely Pay

Timely recently introduced a new feature which allows contactless card payments and you can authorise payments on no show clients saving you a lot of headaches.

My overall review is that Timely is an appointment system that will grow with your business. You can start with as little features as possible and adjust as your business needs grows.

You will not be disappointed in Timely's offerings. Timely packages start from $25 per month for a single user, with basic services to $70 per month with all the bells and whistles.

You can try Timely for FREE for 14 days, which I would always recommend to any clients.

Sign up to Timely Here.

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