Best FREE Tools for Small Business 2021

Trying to keep costs down! I hear you. My whole working life has pretty much focused around this rule.

If you are just starting out and you have time and the creativity - there is no reason why you can use these amazing free tools.

Asana Project Management

Free project management tool for individuals.

I hopped onto this when it first came out. You can integrate into your email to make your emails turn into tasks/projects or simply use it as your to do list.

Check it out.


Everyone loves Canva!

Don't have anything bad to say about canva. I am a creative cloud user, but this is definitely my go to when i need to quickly whip up a post for Insta or Facebook.


This comes in the Adobe Creative Suite, so it isn't technically free. However, if you already are already paying for the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, this is a very good alternative to Canva.


Need I say more. If you just need a simple email without the domain linked. You best go to is good old Gmail.

Google Analytics

If you need simple or advance analytics Google Analytics is for you. Simple to set up on your Wordpress, Wix or Joomla website.

If you want to get a bit more technical in what you are tracking. Google provides numerous courses you can complete to get that extra information you need from your website.


Need a tool to help you plan out your Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn? Plann is for you!

Simple to use and free for two accounts.

I love how you can see how your instagram posts will appear before posting. This is a perfect tool for design lovers or people who are trying to make their Instagram page look swish.

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