Fonts: Design Tips for Web, Social and Branding - Top 3 Tips

I am going to start with the absolute basics when it comes to fonts. Why do we need to understand them?

Fonts pretty much create the mood and atmosphere of your design, whether it be a document, website, or social post.

Fonts can provide you with visual cues to help you nativate how to read what you are looking at, and what areas of text may be of importance.

Fonts are so important, that they have been around since the 1500's and still they play a huge importance in how we understand and interpret the words we see.

So I have clarified the basic fact that fonts are still important to this day. Now, how do we use them?

Tip 1 - Only choose 2-3 Fonts

The simplest thing to do is to stick to 2-3 fonts. It will keep your design clean and easy to read.

You can use font pairing tools like Fontjoy or Canva to help you work out the pairings you like.

Tip 2 - Use a San Serif with a Serif Font or vice versa

A simple rule of thumb is to use a serif with a san serif font to instantly allow your eyes to differentiate between the two fonts. You can clearly see in the below sample that the san serif font title stands out from the serif body copy.

Of course you can try alternatives like different weights of the same font for headers and body, but this is just a quick tip to help show that you should draw the eye to different fonts in a clear manner.

Tip 3 - Match your font to your brands character

If you are a fresh modern tech company, you don't want to be using old fashioned serif fonts, you are more likely to choose a fresh and clean san serif font to match your brands character.

Remember that fonts can convey the brands message too, so choose your fonts wisely and make sure they are easy for your customers to read.

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