How to Make your Website Look Professional with 5 Simple Tips

Never designed anything in your life? That is ok. You do not have to be an art student or have the ability to draw/paint well. This is business!

Lucky there are so many amazing website developer tools out there. My favorite is Wix, especially for people who are not tech savvy.

I know, you have probably heard how bad they are etc, but I have built many websites on Wix and they couldn't be more happy. They get heaps of clients, there website looks modern and fresh, they are making money. It is simple to use and edit on a whim. What else do you really need!!

1. Don't Set Up A Free Site

Firstly, I am going to say this. Don't bother setting up a free website. It is not worth it. Pay a minimum fee so you can get rid of ads and gain access to more features. There is no point skimping on this one. Unless it is a hobby you dabble in.

2. Keep Your Template Style Simple

Until you have mastered the realm of web design, I suggest you keep your page fairly simple. Follow a template and only have the bare minimum. You can work from there

  • About Us

  • Contact/Location'

  • Sign Up Page

  • Services/Products

3. Stick To Three Colours

Love Rainbows? A website with many colours will not make your page better, in fact, it will make your website harder to view and navigate. Your visitors will find it hard.

It is always best to stick to a few colours that complement each other and helps your visitors to be able to read any content on your site.

A useful tool is Adobe Colour. You can choose colours themes based on what is trending, your brand colours or from an image. This tool is free to use, but you can also login if you have an Adobe account.

4. Choose Two Fonts Max

Just like too many colours on a website, fonts can also give your visitors headaches when navigating your website.

Keep things really simple and clear.

Fonts should compliment your brand, tone and overall look.

Canva has a great article on font pairings - have a look at their recommendations.

5. Use Your Own Images

Where possible, use your own high quality images. Stock photos are great to fill in gaps, but if you business is visual, it is best to invest in some amazing photos.

Can't afford a photographer? If you know a photography student or perhaps you have an SLR camera handy at home. This will be your next solution.

If you have some skill at taking photos, I would recommend using a portrait mode to get a more professional look. However, if all else fails. Stock photos may be the only option.

Love these tips? Let us know.

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